#MeetCapMetro Monday: John Higgins, CapMetro Operations Control Center superintendent.

John Higgins, Operations Control Center Superintendent

Meet John. Both a service and CapMetro Vet who began his career in 2001 as a bus operator. Over the years, he made his way up through a few different departments, eventually landing him where he is today.

“It’s constant watching of our resources to make sure people can get where they need to go.” — John Higgins

“CapMetro and the military kind of go hand-in-hand,” says John. Having served 6 years in the Army, John is no stranger to being halfway through a workday before most people even start their commute. On a typical day, he begins his work at 4 a.m. for pull out with the earliest Operator shift. His duties involve making sure the OCC’s managers and radio controllers, who watch over CapMetro’s vast network of over 400 buses all runs smoothly. “It’s constant watching of our resources to make sure people can get where they need to go. A good day is having buses and operators available to reallocate where we need them, so our riders don’t feel the adjustments on the backend,” he claims.   

Despite managing the OCC for a living, he spends his free time managing a BBQ business. Alongside fellow CapMetro colleagueKolita Snow, they run Mayhem’s Juicy BBQ & Catering. Although business has been a little slow since the pandemic, he says it’s starting to pick back up. 

John is passionate about all things transit, barbeque and even his love for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s proud to talk about his car, highlighting, “I have the headrest, the floor mats—everything! You name it. I’m a Cowboys fan.” He encourages those out there who have a passion for transit to consider a career with CapMetro. “You just got to love what you do, and you can pretty much make a career out of CapMetro”. 

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