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Screenshot of Finance Public Dashboard

Enhanced Finance dashboard continues CapMetro’s commitment to transparency and accessibility 

CapMetro has rolled out a new and improved Finance Performance Dashboard as part of our continuing commitment to transparency and accessibility. This updated dashboard gives access to useful data to help you better understand our organization’s revenues, operating expenses and capital expenses, along with several critical accessibility updates for those…
Peace & Love on board. Gratitude is groovy. Thank your driver.

Start 2024 Off with a Smile

Kindness is Timeless As we embark on our journeys together this new year, whether it’s through the scenic park, a quick visit to the post office or a ride on a CapMetro bus, let’s continue fostering a culture of courtesy and kindness. Our shared spaces are inclusive when we all…
Three cute CapMetro elves dancing together in the snow with the CapMetro logo on the bottom.

Polar Events are Here to Spread Holiday Cheer

Imagine yourself stepping outside, bundled up in layers and your warmest winter coat that you break out once a year. It’s finally cold out and the chill in the air brings with it dreams of hot chocolate with sugary marshmallows and holiday cheer. Like most other weekdays, you go to…