#MeetCapMetro Monday: Wesley Brown, Rail Program Manager, Boston Marathon Runner

Wesley Brown stands in running gear

Meet Wesley Brown, a Program Manager on the CapMetro Rail team. He’s been with CapMetro for about 9 months and has been an avid runner since high school. That’s precisely why we’re featuring him in this long-distance edition of Meet CapMetro. Today, Wesley can be found in Massachusetts running in the 2024 Boston Marathon.

Wesley Brown poses in running gear

The 128th Boston Marathon kicks off today, starting in rural Hopkinton, MA, and ends in downtown Boston near the Boston Public Library. Runners follow Route 135 to Route 16 and then Route 30 before reaching the Boston city limits. They’ll pass through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, and Brookline en route to the finish line.

Wesley has always used running as a convenient way to stay in shape. In 2019, he started taking the hobby seriously and by 2020 he took aim at qualifying for the Boston Marathon. A coach brought on in 2022 helps structure his training regimen. “She uploads daily workouts each week and provides feedback on each workout. We adjust and push the pace as needed and have phone calls to make sure all boxes are checked,” he explains.

“I wake up really early for running. Sometimes earlier than I do for work.”

When asked what he enjoys most about running, he shares a simple answer—time to think. The discipline of marathon training and a career in project management go hand in hand, he says. “I wake up really early for running. Sometimes earlier than I do for work.” His training also includes a strict diet. “Chicken and rice every day for months and months,” he shares. “I can’t even imagine a post-race meal. But I do know it’ll be something that I haven’t eaten in a long time.”

Wesley Brown stands centered between rows of rail seats.

Aside from running, Brown enjoys golfing when his schedule allows and hopes to compete later this year in Austin’s CapTex Triathlon in May and the Lake Murray Endurance Run, a 100-mile trail race through Oklahoma’s Lake Murray State Park in October.

As we finish up the photo shoot and interview, a co-worker pokes fun at his running hobby, a common exchange in the maintenance garage between friends. “Hey, there are worse habits out there,” Wesley quips back.