CapMetro & City’s Teamwork Make Dream Work

A few years ago, Capital Metro and the city of Austin teamed up to make our streets work better for everyone who uses them, whether they’re on a bus, in a car, on a bike or on their own two feet.

Cover of Streets for Transit report

The two teams have worked together to install new transit lanes on West 5th, Lavaca and Riverside. But they’ve also completed projects throughout the city that have made our sidewalks more connected and accessible, our bike lanes more protected and plentiful, and our streets safer and more easily navigable.

This kind of close collaboration between city government and the transit agency helped make our Cap Remap bus network redesign so successful and played a part in the passage of both Project Connect‘s Prop A and Prop B’s Active Transportation and Safety Bond in 2020.

We work best when we work together, and Austin’s transportation system works best when it offers people choices for how to get around: buses and trains when they work for you, bikes and walking when possible and cars when that works better for the situation.

The combined team published a report chronicling all of our work this week called Streets for Transit.