Sister Cities in Art: Plaza Saltillo Murals Unveiling

If you’ve strolled through Plaza Saltillo recently, then the vibrant new artwork adorning the walls of the front building likely caught your eye. Earlier this month, CapMetro orchestrated a captivating event to unveil these stunning murals, brought to life by Julio Cesar Avalos, aka Chous, a muralist and graphic designer based in Saltillo, Mexico. 

Avalos infused these murals with the essence of Mexico, building on his previous work in Saltillo. The lines between past and present blur as these murals seamlessly weave together generations of history that encapsulate the enduring bond between the sister cities. 

The initiative, made possible by the Nexus grant fund, was championed by The Friends of the MACC. Other collaborators include the Austin-Saltillo Sister Cities Association, Mexicarte, the City of Austin, and The Tejano Trails.

Adding to the collaborative spirit of the project, students from AISD’s International High School loaned their creative talents to the murals, under the expert guidance of Saltillo artists Chous and Ana Sofia. Their involvement fostered a sense of intercultural exchange and learning across countries for students. 

Plaza Saltillo continues to be a nexus for cultural exchange in Austin, and these murals stand as a testament to the 55-year-old relationship that continues to flourish between Austin and its sister city Saltillo. 

“Zarape de mis amores”

This magnificent piece is inspired by the culture of Saltillo, portraying hard-working women and artisans wearing the iconic zarape. Vegetation elements like cacti adorn this mural, along with the representation of gentle dinosaurs. It includes the figure of one of the city’s most important characters Vito Alessio Robies and reflects the culture of Saltillo’s rodeo, all beautified with traditional colors.


In this second mural, titled “Inicio”, Estephe F. is depicted arriving in Saltillo on horseback, surrounded by ancient Texans and cultural elements, with the map of ancient Texas in the background.


This mural symbolizes the sisterhood between the cities of Austin and Saltillo in 1968, highlighting the agreement signed by the two mayors, the visits of the first delegation and their activities, cooperation between firefighters, metro, police, art exchanges, among other aspects.

“Ciudades Hermanas”

This piece depicts sisterhood through a handshake symbolizing a strong bond, surrounded by the most emblematic buildings of both cities, creating an image of enduring fraternity.