Keeping our community safe during COVID-19

As our community responds to COVID-19, Capital Metro is taking necessary precautions to promote public health, social distancing, and stay at home policies ordered by governmental and medical authorities. During this challenging time, we have adjusted our schedule and enhanced bus cleanings to provide safe customer access to essential needs such as grocery stores, pharmacies and work.

We ask you to take these safety precautions to help us prevent the spread of illness:

  • Only use public transportation for essential connections to groceries/pharmacies, health care and essential work
  • If you think you might be getting sick, stay home and contact your healthcare provider; if you’re uninsured and are experience symptoms of coronavirus, call CommUnityCare at 512-978-8775. CommUnityCare will talk to you over the phone and send you to the appropriate location.
  • Use rear door boarding only, unless you wish to use the ramp for access by wheelchairs and other mobility devices; all fares have been suspended for the month of April
  • Skip a seat between you and other riders; it is advised to keep a distance of 6 feet between you and those around you
  • Always cover your mouth with the crook of your arm when you sneeze or cough in public; do not sneeze or cough into your hands

Let’s stay safe, calm and smart together! For more information concerning COVID-19 service updates, please visit