#MeetCapMetro Monday: Mike Kram, Paratransit Safety Manager

Mike Kram

Meet Mike, a seasoned bus and paratransit safety manager. In 1992, shortly after immigrating from Ukraine, Mike began his public transit career in New York City, serving as a bus operator for 11 years. Public transit carried him around the country, transitioning into roles in safety at other agencies. In 2015, Mike landed in the heart of the Lone Star State where he’s been a part of the CapMetro family ever since. 

On a typical day, you can find Mike at his desk, updating CapMetro’s various policies and procedures. Other times, you’ll find Mike out on the streets with his team of field safety officers. He and his team see to it that CapMetro customers and employees have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. Finding fulfillment in that and the spirit of the teamwork is what he enjoys most. 

In his spare time, you can find Mike exploring virtual worlds playing video games, like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. That is… when he’s not doing something active out on the lake. Most of the time though, he’s spending time with his wife either soaking in the sun rays out on Lake Travis or doing yard work on their three acres of land. He also enjoys other outdoor activities like biking, motorcycling, running and target shooting. At 65 years old, “I try not to fall into the senior citizen state of mood”, he says chuckling. 

Like the Texas sun, he sees CapMetro’s future as a bright one. Mike looks forward to the connectivity that Project Connect will bring over the coming years. He believes that a world-class city like Austin deserves to have world-class public transit. 

Interested in starting a career in public transit safety? Check out our job openings at Capmetro.org/jobs