#MeetCapMetroMonday: Ed Swan has been driving Central Texas buses for 49 years

Veteran CapMetro bus operator Ed Swan

Welcome back to #MeetCapMetroMonday, the series that introduces you to members of our team who work daily to keep Central Texans connected. Up this week: Ed Swan.

Swan has been driving buses in Central Texas longer than many of the area’s residents have been alive – and longer than any other current CapMetro operator, according to our Operations team – an eye-popping 49 years.

In fact, Swan has been a bus operator longer than CapMetro has been in service. Swan got his foot in the door back in 1974 while Austin Transit was still the primary local transportation provider. CapMetro launched in 1985, after gaining voter approval.

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He never intended to drive a bus. Friends talked him into applying. Swan says he was hired on the spot. “They said I had quick reflexes,” he told us.

Over the years, Swan has driven many of CapMetro’s best-known and most popular routes – and he’s seen transit change tremendously. Today’s buses are equipped with all sorts of bells and whistles he never could have imagined nearly half a century ago, especially when it comes to safety features such as cameras.

When he’s not on the job, you’ll find Swan working on his family farm just outside Austin proper.

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