Start 2024 Off with a Smile

Peace & Love on board. Gratitude is groovy. Thank your driver.

Kindness is Timeless

As we embark on our journeys together this new year, whether it’s through the scenic park, a quick visit to the post office or a ride on a CapMetro bus, let’s continue fostering a culture of courtesy and kindness. Our shared spaces are inclusive when we all contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere. 

We recently launched our “Kindness is Timeless” campaign, drawing inspiration from the slang of decades past. Rather than presenting a mundane list of rules, we aimed to kickstart a courtesy movement that leaves a lasting impression. Now, take a closer look at how we bring the essence of courtesy to life through our vibrant ads! 

Don't flip your lid. Be kind. CapMetro Drivers are the Bee's Knees!
Peace & Love on board. Gratitude is groovy. Thank your driver.
Don't be rude. One seat, dude. Be Radical. Leave space for other riders.
Say it. Don't spray it. Please keep your convos civil and polite.

As you navigate your way alongside hundreds of fellow passengers and community members, let these suggestions guide your transit experience:

  • Lead with gratitude—for your dedicated driver, your fellow passengers, and most importantly, yourself. By choosing public transit, you’re making a significant impact on our environment, playing a crucial role in building a connected community and saving money. Embrace the spirit of gratitude as you embark on each transit adventure.
  • Feeling frustrated or annoyed by someone on transit? Take a deep breath before responding. Empathy goes a long way and understanding that everyone has their unique circumstances can make the journey more enjoyable for everyone. A moment of patience can make a world of difference.
  • When it comes to personal entertainment, keep your music and phone conversations within the confines of your headphones. Consider the peaceful sanctuary you create for yourself when working on that morning sudoku, undisturbed by nearby phone conversations. Let’s be mindful of not imposing our audio preferences on others.
  • Making room for passengers in need is an act of kindness that speaks volumes. Allow those who require seating, boarding or exiting assistance to do so comfortably and efficiently. Your awareness and consideration create an inclusive environment where everyone can travel with ease.
  • Lastly, a simple yet significant reminder: do not take up more than one seat. Ensure that there’s enough space for fellow passengers, promoting a fair and comfortable experience for everyone on board.

Let’s continue to embody the spirit of our “Kindness is Timeless” campaign as we ride together through Austin and central Texas. Small gestures of courtesy contribute to a more pleasant transit experience for all, making our community stronger and more connected. Did you have a pleasant trip or experience an act of kindness? Tell us about it on Facebook, Instagram or X/Twitter.