#MeetCapMetroMonday: Marcella Wood, a Customer Care Manager who’s been with CapMetro for over 20 years

Photo of screenshot from interview with Marcella Wood.

Coming from a military background, she’s been able to take skills she learned in the service and craft her own leadership style. Equal parts strong and firm but compassionate and patient, she credits a strong discipline ethic and her momma’s wisdom for how she leads her team today. Marcella approaches work with compassion first and considers what her colleagues, and the customers they interact with, may be struggling with in their lives at that moment. 

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am a die-hard Steelers fan.” — Marcella Wood

In her day-to-day, she manages a team of customer care supervisors, taking care that calls are addressed in a timely manner. On an average day, the team can receive upwards of 370 calls. Marcella knows every second counts and will jump in to assist with calls. In her free time, Marcella enjoys sports. Whether it be rugby, football, or volleyball, she enjoys going to sporting events with her husband. But if you ask her about her favorite sports team? “Anyone that knows me knows that I am a die-hard Steelers fan,” she shares triumphantly. You’ll note the Pittsburg Steelers lanyard in the video, but her home office, every inch covered in black and yellow, tells the full story. 

POV of Marcella Woods at-home office.
POV of Marcella Woods at-home office.

If you’re a fan of a rival AFC North team (go Boys!) and you’re considering joining the Customer Care team, you better bring your helmet to the interview! Just kidding…. maybe.  

Black and yellow, silver and metallic blue, or whatever combination of colors your favorite franchise reps, one thing is clear: the Customer Care Team is ready to tackle any problem our customers face with kindness and compassion. Interested in joining Marcella and the Customer Care team? Check out all our job openings at CapMetro.org/jobs.