Enhanced Finance dashboard continues CapMetro’s commitment to transparency and accessibility 

Screenshot of Finance Public Dashboard

CapMetro has rolled out a new and improved Finance Performance Dashboard as part of our continuing commitment to transparency and accessibility. This updated dashboard gives access to useful data to help you better understand our organization’s revenues, operating expenses and capital expenses, along with several critical accessibility updates for those who use screen readers or other tools to assist with visual impairments. 

The updates implemented to the Finance Performance Dashboard make it more detailed with a wider range of robust data, faster to use and more digitally accessible to all community members, including those with disabilities. 

Screenshot of Finance Public Dashboard

The new Finance Performance Dashboard includes the following improvements: 

  • Consistent user experience with enhanced data from the newest Ridership and Reliability dashboards that were launched in April 2023. 
  • Significant improvements to accessibility, allowing the dashboard to integrate with screen readers and other such tools, along with the ability to experience the data dynamically in a graph or table format depending on the needs of the individual. 
  • More financial details with Capital Expenses separated into specific categories instead of an aggregated total. 
  • An accelerated and more streamlined data processing procedure so that data can be published on the dashboard up to two months faster than before. 

These updates enhance the data with more detail and faster processing times. But they also make crucial strides in improving our platform experience for those with disabilities, which was made possible by the consultation and strategic involvement from those in the visually impaired community.  

We’ve made these meaningful changes to the Finance Performance Dashboard with the intention of better serving our community. Our commitment to transparency and accessibility will continue into 2024, with planned improvements to the Public Safety Dashboard. 

Check out our new dashboard here