Hop aboard CapMetro’s Top 10 bus routes

CapMetro Bus Route 311 is one of the agency's busiest routes.

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Each day, thousands of Central Texans rely on CapMetro to get to work, school, doctor appointments, shops and restaurants and more.

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Ridership continues to rebound as more and more people return to work as office shutdowns prompted by COVID-19 come to an end. A survey by security firm Kastle Systems shows that 68.1 percent of Austinites have returned to the office – more than any other U.S. city.

Austin’s 68.1 percent compares with an average of just 50.1 percent in the 10 large U.S. cities looked at by Kastle Systems.

Over the past 12 months, total CapMetro ridership was 23 million. September 2022 marked a milestone: the first time monthly ridership topped 2 million since COVID hit.

“It is exciting to see routes that received service improvements during Cap Remap experience high ridership that continues to grow,” said Lawrence Deeter, Manager, System Development for CapMetro. “CapMetro looks forward to the next round of service improvements with the introduction of the Expo and Pleasant Valley CapMetro Rapid lines in 2025.”

CapMetro Bus service represents the vast majority of ridership each month. CapMetro Rapid, CapMetro Rail and CapMetro Access account for the remaining passengers in the data from CapMetro’s dashboard.

So, which routes are the most used, accounting for significant chunks of the 23 million rides in the past 12 months? We’re glad you asked. Here are the Top 10 CapMetro routes during that time frame and their total ridership:

1.) CapMetro Rapid Route 801 (North Lamar/South Congress)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 2.3 million

CapMetroRapid Route 801 serves North Lamar and South Congress

2.) CapMetro Bus Route 300 (Springdale/Oltorf)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 2 million

CapMetro Bus Route 300 serves Springdale and Oltorf.

3.) CapMetro Bus Route 7 (Duval/Dove Springs)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 1.7 million

CapMetro Bus Route 7 serves Duval and Dove Springs.

4.) CapMetro Bus Route 20 (Manor Road/Riverside)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 1.7 million

CapMetro Bus Route 20 serves Manor Road and Riverside.

5.) CapMetro Bus Route 10 (South First/Red River)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 1.6 million

CapMetro Bus Route 10 serves South First and Red River.

6.) CapMetro Rapid Route 803 (Burnet/South Lamar)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 1.3 million

CapMetro Rapid Route 803 serves Burnet and South Lamar.

7.) CapMetro Bus Route 1 (North Lamar/South Congress)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 1 million

CapMetro Bus Route 1 serves North Lamar and South Congress.

8.) CapMetro Bus Route 3 (Burnet/Menchaca)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 852,734

CapMetro Bus Route 3 serves Burnet and Menchaca.

9.) CapMetro Bus Route 325 (Metric/Rundberg)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 774,772

CapMetro Bus Route 325 serves Metric and Rundberg.

10.) CapMetro Bus Route 311 (Stassney)

Boardings in the past 12 months: 598,690

CapMetro Bus Route 311 serves Stassney.

To view ridership for all CapMetro routes, view our newly improved dashboard here.

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